An Energetic Cord-Cutting Ritual to Let Go and Start Fresh

An Energetic Cord-Cutting Ritual to Let Go and Start Fresh

An Energetic Cord-Cutting Ritual to Let Go and Start Fresh

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Published on: January 5, 2023

An Energetic Cord-Cutting Ritual to Let Go and Start Fresh

Energy healer George Lizos specializes in teaching energetically sensitive people to live freer, happier, and increasingly fulfilling lives. His method involves nimbus work and chakra cleansing. But one of the most potent practices in his spiritual toolbox is moreover one of the easiest to wrap your throne around: recognizing toxic attachments that might be tripping you up.

It starts with understanding what Lizos calls “cords”: attachments to people, places, objects, and beliefs that you chose to create at one point—and that have since wilt detrimental to your well-being. You might have cords with an ex-lover or ex-friend. Or with a story you tell yourself well-nigh your place in the world. Even though it’s not doing you any good, you’re still fixated on that thing.

Have something in mind? Here’s Lizos’s visualization practice for letting go, excerpted from his typesetting Protect Your Light. If you’re indulging in the new-year ritual of transplanting out the old to make way for the new, you may find it’s a powerful exercise.

Cutting Toxic Cords of Attachment

By George Lizos, from Protect Your Light

You can utilize numerous tools, methods, and spirit guides to cut toxic cords of attachment, just as you can use several ways to well-spoken your etheric body, aura, and chakras. However, my preferred method of wearing zipper cords does not require any instruments or spiritual beings; instead it relies solely on our physical bodies, particularly our hands.

As I previously stated, the only tools you unquestionably need for spiritual transplanting and protection are your soul and intention; all other instruments and spiritual beings are only there to help overdraw and reinforce your own power. Despite the fact that we might readily cut cords of zipper with such tools and beings, I believe it is increasingly constructive to alimony this a totally personal task, given the intimate weft of these cords.

Toxic cords of attachment, unlike other types of energy attachments—such as joint thought forms, low-level spirits, and residual spatial energy, which you often pick up spontaneously and unconsciously as you go well-nigh your daily life and interact with people and spaces—are created deliberately over time. The majority of these ties are worked as a result of the time and energy you spend deliberately with others—moments shared and words exchanged. Although these cords may have been positive at the start of a relationship, they have since wilt negative as the relationship has deteriorated.

The same may be said for your toxic cords of zipper to places, objects, beliefs, deceased pets, past lifetimes, and so on. Even though these aren’t living beings, you can still interact with their energy and beingness. In the same way that you have relationships with people, you have relationships with these places, limiting beliefs, objects, and past lives.

Because of the intimacy of these relationships, I’ve discovered that properly releasing them requires an equally intimate process, and our physicality is the platonic tool for this.

The Cord-Cutting Process

Follow these steps to cut and release the toxic cords of zipper you have to the people, places, objects, beliefs, and past lives that you’ve identified in your scanning session:

  1. Close your eyes, get in a meditative state, and go through the first three steps of the energy protection process—grounding, centering, connecting.

  2. Scan your energy soul and nimbus with your 360-degree vision turned on to identify the various toxic cords of zipper that are currently clouding your energy field.

  3. Spend some time thoughtfully touching each string and pursuit it to discover where it leads. You’ll get a finger for the person, location, object, belief, or past life it’s linked to as you interact with it. During this process, be shielding not to stir up any anger, hurt, or resentment, as this will only strengthen your attachment. Simply squint at the cords and make mental notes of what they mean.

  4. Now that you’ve discovered all of the cords, it’s time to cut them and let go of these relationships. Come into your power to well-spoken energy while sitting or standing, with your vision unshut or closed. Finger the life-force energy flowing through you, linking you to the heavens whilom and the ground below, and know and underpin that you have all you need to let go of these toxic connections completely.

  5. Consider your dominant hand as a useful tool in this process. When you’re ready, spread your fingers so that your palm is wide and extended, and quickly run your hand through each cord, wearing each using your hand as an energetic knife. While you’re doing this, say silently or aloud, I entirely and completely release you from my life. Send love and thanks to the people, places, objects, beliefs, and past lives who have taught you so much. Negative, angry, or resentful energy will hinder the string cutting, so stave it. Between each cut, take a few deep breaths to refocus your energy.

  6. After you’ve severed all the cords, sit quietly for at least five minutes to indulge your soul to weather to the new changes while you send love and thanks to what you’ve released.

  7. When you finger like the process is finished, end the meditation and take a shower to well-spoken and ground your energy.

[Editor’s note: Lizos created an expanded audio recording of this cord-cutting meditation to help you follow withal and revisit it.]

Dealing with Sticky Cords

When it comes to wearing cords of attachment, it’s important to remember that the job isn’t finished once the string is cut. When wearing the cord, you energetically release that person, place, object, belief, or past life, setting the intention that you no longer wish to be negatively unauthentic by it. That stuff said, your physical yoke with that entity may still exist. You might still see these people on a daily basis, have negative beliefs, or hang out in unrepealable places. As a result, some of these cords may reappear, reestablishing your toxic attachments.

To stave this, you must be prepared to do the real-life work that will sally shortly without the cord-cutting session. Without you’ve released these attachments spiritually, and so reverted your own energy, you’ll vamp situations, encounters, and circumstances that will indulge you to release them physically as well.

For instance, you might have the opportunity to have a heart-to-heart with some of these people in which you uncomplicatedly but assertively end or transition your relationship with them. You might get a job offer in a variegated city, or you might finger compelled to make a transpiration in your life that includes letting go of an object or substance. You might finger inclined to read a book, shepherd a workshop, or enroll in an online undertow that contains all of the information you require to totally transcend a limiting weighing or heal a past-life trauma.

It’s hair-trigger that you seize these opportunities when they present themselves. Your ego will scrutinizingly certainly intervene, attempting to hinder the healing process by propitiative these people, by suppressing your pain, and by keeping you in withholding well-nigh what you’ve gone through. This is the time to be enlightened of such sabotaging thoughts and to muster the valiance to ignore them and well-constructed the cord-cutting process.

Adapted and reprinted with permission from Hampton Roads Publishing. Protect Your Light by George Lizos is misogynist wherever books and e-books are sold or directly from the publisher at or 800.423.7087.

George Lizos is an intuitive healer and lightworker. He is the host of the Lit Up Lightworker podcast and the tragedian of Protect Your Light, Be the Guru, and Lightworkers Gotta Work.

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