If you’ve never heard of Tokyu Hands before, settle in my friend because you’re in for a real treat. It shares Hobby Lobby’s love of crafts, Walmart’s size, and Amazon’s broad selection of both the normal and the weird. Then, it takes it all up 10 notches.

They call themselves a “creative life store,” and everything they sell is designed and invented to make life a little more beautiful or a little easier. It’s as if product engineers made it their mission to pinpoint every tiny annoyance we experience in daily life and then solve it with a solution that is both functional and stylish (and often has a cute lil’ face).

The first Tokyu Hands stores began popping up in Japan in 1976. These days, there are over 50 in Japan, plus a few in Singapore and Taiwan (though in Taiwan they’re called Tokyu Tailung).


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