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While many states across the US continue to practice social distancing, you may be finding yourself missing the days when you could freely hit the trails. But listen up — you can still take ~virtual hikes~ all across the country, and it may just be the easiest thing you’ll ever do.


Pull up one of these videos, lay back, and just relax as others do all the hard hiking for you. You just get to enjoy their hard-earned views from the safety of your couch. / Via

About 30 miles inland from San Diego on the Mount Woodson trail, you’ll find Potato Chip Rock. It’s a popular Southern California tourist destination for the photo ops it provides. The hike is about 7.6 miles long, but this virtual one gets it done for you in an easy eight minutes that you can spend consuming potato chips instead of hiking them.

Hike Potato Chip Rock here.

Treadmill TV / Via

There’s a naturally formed cave in Virginia that is so big you can fit a train through it. Besides housing a bit of the Norfolk Southern Railway, the tunnel also makes for some great views, both from the ground looking up, and from the trail overhead. Take this virtual hike through this state park, and catch a glimpse of the natural phenomenon turned railroad tunnel for yourself.

Hike Natural Tunnel State Park here.


South Kaibab Trail — Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Treadmill TV / Via

The South Kaibab Trail runs about 7.1 miles into the Grand Canyon, and you don’t need to know much more than that because those views are obviously going to be stunning. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the sweat from the 4,780-foot elevation gain on the way back up because you’ll just be chillin’ at home watching someone else do all the climbing.

Hike the South Kaibab Trail here.

Nature Calls Backpacking / Via

This hike is more of a camping adventure. You’ll follow along on a backpacking trip on the Lake Ingalls Trail, stopping at multiple camps along the way before finally hitting Lake Ingalls for a dip at the end.

Hike the Lake Ingalls Trail here.

Treadmill TV / Via

When workers started building the Hoover Dam in the 1930s, they also created these tunnels through the nearby mountains to haul supplies during the construction process. This hike takes you through these man-made beauties, while you trek around the natural landscapes of the Nevada desert.

Hike the Historic Railroad Hiking Trail here.

VR Hike / Via

If you want a little taste of winter, the Nicole Bloom Memorial Trail takes you through the snowy woods of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The virtual snowshoeing experience takes place on an ideal sunny day, and you even get to hear the satisfying crunch of snow beneath the hiker’s feet.

Hike the Nicole Bloom Memorial Trail here.


James Irvine Trail — Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, California

The Flying Dutchman / Via

Located along the Northern California coastline, Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park is home to sprawling forests filled with towering redwood trees. The James Irvine Trail takes you through a wooded part of that forest, and this video even plays you some soothing tunes in the background, so you can fully relax during your “hike.”

Hike the James Irvine Trail here.


Baker River Trail — Mount Baker Area, Washington

4K Relaxation Channel / Via

The Baker River Trail runs along the Baker River in Washington, and lucky for us, this virtual hike brings us along for the journey during the fall, which is arguably the prettiest time of year in Washington state. Take in the autumn trees and the riverfront trail views from your couch during any season.

Hike the Baker River Trail here.

4K Relaxation Channel / Via

Contrary to tourist beliefs, Diamond Head isn’t the only pretty hike on Oahu. The Kuliouou Ridge Trail winds through forests and takes you up a little further inland on the island to overlook the shoreline, away from all the crowds near Waikiki.

Hike the Kuliouou Ridge Trail here.

Treadmill TV / Via

If you’ve ever wondered what Alaska looks when it’s not covered in snow, this virtual trek will give you a glimpse of it. It takes you through the mountains and trees of Kodiak Island, and give you sprawling views of the Pacific Ocean along the way — all with just a tiny bit of snow at the top of the mountain peaks in the distance.

Hike Kodiak Island here.


Norris Geyser Basin — Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

Tall Sky Walker / Via

Yellowstone draws loads of tourists in the summer months, all coming to see the park’s geysers and hot springs up close and personal. This hike through Norris Geyser Basin gives you a look at it during the colder months, when the geysers and hot springs are still steaming, but that steam now blends peacefully with the much chillier, snow-covered grounds.

Hike the Norris Geyser Basin here.

Tall Sky Walker / Via

This virtual walk takes you alongside pine trees and the Metolius River in central Oregon. Sit back and relax as you listen to the sounds of the river flowing and birds chirping on a (somewhat rare) sunny Pacific Northwest day.

Hike the West Metolius River Trail here.

Tall Sky Walker / Via

These historic grounds take hikers along trails that wind through the hillsides of the Oregon coastline. Or rather, they used to — the state park has closed indefinitely due to damage from landslides. Luckily, this virtual hike was posted before the park closed, so we can still experience the breathtaking views of the Pacific.

Hike the Indian Beach Trail here.

City Walks / Via

They don’t call it Big Sky, Montana for nothing. And even though Livingston is about an hour and 20 minutes outside of Big Sky, the city has the same open spaces and towering cliffs that bring out the open, northern skies of the US. The Myers’ River View Trail takes you on a trek right through all this spacious scenery along the Yellowstone River.

Hike the Myers’ River View Trail here.

Walk The Distance / App Store

This app lets you track your miles towards bigger goals, like a hike through Yellowstone or the Grand Canyon. That way you can say you’ve gone the distance even if you’ve just run around your neighborhood 74 times.

Jay Fleckenstein / BuzzFeed

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